When you go shopping for a used car, you might wonder where you can find one you can really count on. Here in Traverse City, the answer is pretty simple. Just go to Bill Marsh’s Price Point Used Car Supercenter. Our Premium Label Used Car video will show you reasons why Bill Marsh’s Price Point Premium Label Used Cars are several cuts above ordinary used cars. You’ll see why it’s possible to get a used car you can believe in when it’s from Bill Marsh.

Our Premium Label used cars have to get over a high bar

As our video will show you, our Price Point Premium Label Used Cars have to look and perform better than the average used car you might find from a private seller or another dealer. But we don’t just call a car “good enough for Bill Marsh” because it looks pretty and seems to drive OK. It has to go through a rigorous inspection in our Used Car Tech Center. If a vehicle doesn’t pass our tough tests, you’ll never see it on our Premium Label Used Car lot.

Our Tech Center technicians know how to screen out questionable cars

The technicians featured in our Premium Label Used Car video conduct an uncompromising mechanical inspection of every potential Premium Label used car. They know to spot flood or frame damage and other disqualifying issues most people would never notice. Some things aren’t a big problem today but could be trouble later on. If a car doesn’t meet our high standards, it gets sold at the auction, not to you.

Get a look at our Tech Center: Where quality used cars get even better

As you’ll see in the video, when a used car is good enough to pass inspection, the dedicated people in our Tech Center take it through five different stations with state-of-the-art cleaning systems. This technology cleans every part of the car to make it look like new. When that car leaves our Tech Center, it’s been inspected, repaired, cleaned, polished and photographed for up to 12 hours. You might have trouble telling it from a new car.

Our 5-Day Money Back Guarantee gives you extra peace of mind

We know there are plenty of sad stories out there about used cars. We help make sure you’ll never be part of one of those stories with our 5-Day Money Back Guarantee. As our Premium Label Used Car video explains, our guarantee protects you when you buy one of our Price Point Premium Label Used Cars. If you’re not happy with your car, truck or SUV, bring it back to us within 5 days and we’ll give you a full refund.

The difference between our used cars and other used cars

When you buy a used car from a private party, you have no way to know what condition that car is in unless you take it to a mechanic (which we would recommend). Even your mechanic isn’t likely to give that car the same comprehensive inspection our technicians give it. That won’t happen at other car dealers either. At our 10,000 square foot Tech Center, our best used cars go from really good to great – and they’re covered with a guarantee.

There’s a great dealer behind every vehicle we sell

The Bill Marsh Automotive Group has been serving Traverse City and building a reputation for quality since 1982. Not many dealers – and no private party – will have that kind of history. Take a look at our Premium Label Used Car video, browse our complete selection online and experience the difference our high standards can make. Schedule a test drive soon at Price Point Used Car Supercenter in Traverse City, MI.