There are plenty of routine services every driver knows are essential to preserving the quality and performance of their vehicle. Even drivers in Petoskey who don't know that much about cars refill their wiper fluid, get their oil changed, and have the tires rotated. However, one of the most neglected tasks is inspecting and changing the power steering fluid. Price Point Used Car Super Center near Gaylord, MI, is here to help.

What does the power steering fluid do, and why do I need to change it?

As the name suggests, the power steering fluid keeps the hydraulic pumps lubricated and working correctly. Like your car's engine oil, power steering fluid accumulates dirt. The longer you drive, the more debris in the steering fluid, creating friction and reducing how well the power steering hydraulics work. Failure to replace your steering fluid can cause the steering shaft to lock, which can cause collisions while you're driving through Kalkaska and end up with expensive repairs or part replacements.

How will I know when to change the power steering fluid?

Unlike the helpful gas gauge and engine oil light that reminds you when to act, there's no concrete way to know since every car make and model has different parts and recommended service guidelines. The good news is that the steering fluid doesn't' need to be changed nearly as often as the oil. Some vehicles can drive more than 75,000 miles without changing the power steering fluid, and others suggest a change every few years.

One unmistakable sign that you need to have the steering fluid changed is if you notice an unusually stiff steering wheel that's tight or nearly impossible to turn. If this happens, go straight to your mechanic to inspect your car to avoid dangerous situations on the highway or congested local streets.

Do Electric Cars Use Power Steering Fluid?

Most modern electric vehicles have electric power steering powered by the electric motor making steering fluid unnecessary.

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