Getting a crack in your car's windshield is more common than you think. No matter what kind of car you're driving, if you're driving at higher speeds on the highway, the smallest pebble or debris can become airborne by another vehicle's tires and hit your windshield hard enough to create a small crack.

Obstructed Views

Your cracked windshield may appear small or insignificant, but several things can make it grow into a more extensive web of cracks, leading to unsafe driving in Kalkaska. Aside from dirt and moisture seeping through, your view of the road can be hindered by sunlight bouncing off the cracks making it more dangerous to drive through Petoskey.

Adverse Effects on the Vehicle's Integrity

Windshields are a vital part of a vehicle's safety representing around 45-percent of its structural integrity, causing accidents the same way worn-out brake pads, broken rotors, and missing headlights can.

Cracks Spread and Become Worse

Despite the initial crack caused by road debris, you may think your windshield is tough enough not to have it repaired or replaced, but Price Point Used Car Super Center near Petoskey wants to be sure you understand what can make the crack worse.

Temperature changes

Extreme temperature can lead to more damage. For example, melted snow can freeze and expand cracks in sub-zero temperatures, significantly increasing the crack's size. In summer, if you leave your car in direct sunlight, cracks in the windshield can grow lengthwise due to the interior heat. In a single day, cracks can increase significantly.

Uneven Streets and Debris

Since cracked windshields provide less support, other pebbles that hit the windshield can create additional cracks. While driving on rough terrain, your car experiences bumps and jostling, making the glass vulnerable to shifting and expanding the size of the damages.

Tickets, Fines, and Lost Value

Driving with a cracked windshield often leads to a ticket or fine since obstructed views violate traffic laws in most places.

If you plan to sell your car, a cracked windshield will fail an inspection or lower the car's value and reduce how much money you can get.

No matter when or how your windshield got a crack in or around Gaylord, MI, get it fixed or replaced by a professional as soon as you can.

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