Did you know your car's filter keeps the cabin air free of impurities like outdoor allergens, smog, exhaust, and other hazards? Like furnace or air conditioning filter, the filter needs to be changed periodically to ensure you breathe the cleanest air, as well as allowing the appropriate amount of airflow for every trip you take around Gaylord, MI.

What does the air filter do?

If your air filter is old and clogged with dirt and dust, you're more likely to have toxic exhaust fumes and noxious odors enter the air in the cabin. When you drive through active construction zones in Petoskey or near vehicles that produce plumes of dark smoke from the exhaust pipe, your air filter is what keeps those harmful particles out of your car and makes the air safer to breathe. They're trapped by the filter before gases, dirt, or fumes can reach the cabin.

Do air filters impact performance and fuel economy?

In addition to providing clean indoor air, filters lower service costs by making the air system work more efficiently. If the airflow becomes congested because of a dirty filter, the engine must work harder to reduce the power output and fuel efficiency. Suppose you go too long without changing the filter. In that case, the air conditioning and heating can shut down, making it difficult to cool off in Kalkaska during the summer and more challenging to stay warm in extreme freezing temperatures.

When should I change the air filter?

Every car has recommended service guidelines from the manufacturer, and many newer cars have a more advanced filtering system, so there isn't a strict schedule to follow. However, an oil change is commonly paired with a filter check and replacement, especially if you regularly drive in or near construction sites. Air filters aren't expensive, and it's better to check often vs. not often enough to avoid costly repairs down the road.

If you're unsure whether you need a filter change, there are a few things that are a dead giveaway. If you notice foul odors inside the cabin or your heat and air aren't working as well as they usually do, a dirty or clogged filter is the most likely cause.

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