Customers no longer need to stress during their used car shopping experiences. When you choose us at Price Point Used Car Super Center, you will have access to a range of quality models that offer a myriad of benefits. Shoppers throughout the Kalkaska area have worked with us for years due to the inherent excellence our inventory has to offer. They are always impressed, and we are sure you will be too.

Our Tech Center

We are sure you are wondering what makes a Price Point Premium Labeled used car different from any other pre-owned option on the market. The key difference here is our excellent tech center. This is a 10,000 sq. ft. facility that focuses on ensuring your used car, truck, or SUV is running just the way it should. From the right tools to modern services, this center is equipped to handle any used car need.

Staff and Experience

Another thing that sets us apart is our staff. There are around 25 skilled professionals working in this tech center. These experts work hard to make sure every aspect of your purchase goes smoothly. We have been working in this industry for years. That will show throughout your visit, thanks to our attentive customer service and commitment to flawless work. When visiting our tech Center, you will never feel like just another customer.

A Rigorous Inspection

To make sure that a Price Point Premium Labeled used car exceeds all expectations, we start with a rigorous inspection. Our highly-trained technicians comb through every moving part of a car or SUV before it can join this exclusive lineup. From the engine bay to the air conditioning, you can be sure that every part works the way it should.

Our inspection also covers areas that other dealers don't take the time to look. This includes frame damage and other serious needs that could pose a future threat to your daily drive. That's just another reason shoppers all over the area choose us.

Our Detail Center

Not only do our technicians comb through the mechanics of your used car, but we will send it through our detail center as well. Here, we take the time to clean and shine every inch of your vehicle. This includes a full interior and exterior detailing, making your used purchase feel more than new. There is nothing quite like driving off in a Price Point Premium Labeled used car, thanks to our expert detail center.

Added Peace of Mind

Something every shopper should know is that if a car doesn't meet our standards, we will not sell it to you. The models that don't pass our inspection get sent off to auction so that you only have access to the best available options. That is something many dealers will not do.

Along with our excellent models, you also qualify for a 5-day money-back guarantee when shopping from our Price Point Premium Labeled used car inventory. That's right, we will refund your purchase if you are not satisfied. There won't be any questions asked so that you don't feel pressured to stay with your current ride.

Visit Our Price Point Premium Labeled Used Inventory in Traverse City

There are so many reasons to choose us as your next used car dealer serving the Traverse City area. Our professionals are here and ready to show you through our Price Point Premium Labeled used cars so that you find your perfect ride with ease. You can then get started with a test drive to feel the quality for yourself.

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