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Certified Pre-Owned options at Price Point Used Car Supercenter are the perfect meeting point between high-quality used and new vehicles. Gently used, they undergo an extensive checklist of items before gaining certification. Buying Certified Pre-Owned comes along with perks you won't find with standard used vehicle purchases.

This peace of mind makes many buyers around Traverse City opt for a Certified Pre-Owned model in lieu of other pre-owned vehicles. So, let's take a look at some of the advantages you'll find in our Certified Pre-Owned Inventory at Price Point Used Car Supercenter!

Newer Model Years

In order to be granted Certified Pre-Owned status, many automakers have a set vehicle year limit. Typically, vehicles have to be within five model years old, which means you won't be getting an older used vehicle in this type of inventory selection. While it is possible for auto manufacturers to have differing Certified Pre-Owned-required age limits, this seems to be the industry standard you'll find most common around Kalkaska. By only allowing newer model years to be granted Certified Pre-Owned status, buyers near Petoskey can rest assured they are investing in an updated model. These vehicles are often equipped with modern safety features, advanced technology, and new comfort design elements.

Limited Mileage

Vehicles at Price Point Used Car Supercenter are also limited on the amount of mileage they can have on their odometer to achieve Certified Pre-Owned status. Typically the more miles a vehicle has on it, the higher the chance of breakdowns and extra required maintenance. So, by limiting the vehicle mileage for Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, buyers can feel confident that their cars are in good condition and have limited wear.

Clean Title & Accident-Free

To be granted Certified Pre-Owned status, these vehicles must meet a few other requirements. The vehicles must have a clean title. This ensures that buyers won't be met with any unpaid liens or salvage titles from their Certified Pre-Owned vehicle shopping at Price Point Used Car Supercenter. Not to mention, our Certified Pre-Owned models must also be free from major accidents. This allows peace of mind that the vehicles arrived to us in good condition before achieving their Certified Pre-Owned status. Severe damage from a previous crash could affect future performance, and we don't want that!

Extensive Inspection

More than just your average check, Certified Pre-Owned vehicles undergo a thorough inspection before they can be awarded this status. Certified and highly trained technicians look for leaks, odd noises, and excessive wear and tear that would negatively affect the vehicle's performance. They go the extra mile in these inspections to ensure the vehicle is in top-quality condition. We're looking out for the vehicle's longevity for the benefit of our buyers around Gaylord, MI.

Extended Warranty

As a benefit of these numerous evaluations and high standards, Certified Pre-Owned owners are granted extra warranties that run concurrent to any leftover manufacturer warranty that originally accompanied the vehicle. Automakers are willing to generously offer this warranty because they are confident in the condition and reliability of their Certified Pre-Owned models after undergoing such a thorough evaluation. In this way, buyers can rest assured that their Certified Pre-Owned purchase is in top shape without major concerns.

Shopping Certified Pre-Owned Inventory Our Dealership Today

By considering our Certified Pre-Owned inventory for purchase, you will gain access to many trim levels, vehicle types, and models. Whether you're looking for a sedan, an SUV, or a truck, we have an abundance of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles around Traverse City for you to consider for purchase. Like any other car-buying experience, drivers are encouraged to ask our sales team questions, take a Certified Pre-Owned model for a test drive, and consider multiple financing options when the time comes. Come on into Price Point Used Car Supercenter to shop our Certified Pre-Owned inventory today!